Which Emotion Is Driving Your Life? This Simple Test Will Tell You

What emotion am I?


You are a joyful person. Even when things go wrong, you still have a capacity for positive emotions like happiness, awe, wonder, curiosity, and peace. Your day-to-day life is likely colored with these more positive emotions, and you are probably resilient in the face of emotions like grief, stress, and anger.


You are someone who carries sadness in a deep and personal way. You may be particularly nostalgic, somber, or otherwise down. In extreme cases, you may be feeling depressed. There’s nothing wrong with having a deep capacity for sadness, and in fact, it may give your life more meaning in the long run. If your sense of sadness is interfering with your wellbeing, you may benefit from working with a mental health professional.


Your responses indicate you are an angry person. There is much to be angry about in this world, and your first reaction is likely to get fired up about things. Anger can be a useful tool when it comes to taking action or standing up for yourself, but try not to let it sink so deep that you miss out on the more enjoyable parts of life or take everything as a personal affront. Working with a mental health professional can also help you get to the root of your anger.


You are a fearful person. Fear is necessary to keep us safe and protected, but it can also become so engrained that it holds us back. Fear keeps you in your comfort zone, which is, of course, comfortable, but doesn’t allow for growth and may limit your experiences. Working with a mental health professional can help you unpack your fears so you can move beyond them.

Which color matches your mood most of the time?

How do you experience grief?

How do you respond to someone else’s road rage?

Which of these statements sounds the most like you?

Do you experience happiness easily?

Are you short-tempered?

What kind of music do you gravitate towards?

What worries you the most?

What is your relationship with risk like?

When would you be most likely to cry?

Which season feels the most like you? (Not necessarily your favorite season.)

What is your preferred movie genre?

Which of these statements would illicit the strongest emotional response from you?

What are you like in relationships?

Last question–which emotion do you think is the strongest in you?


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