Top 3 Watch Accessories Every Enthusiast Needs

As a watch collector and enthusiast there’s an array of accessories I’ve come to realize I cannot live without. These accessories are not necessarily additional luxuries but rather functional items that make the hobby more enjoyable and just plain easier to manage. Luckily as watch collectors we don’t need to worry about overly expensive storage the same way a dedicated car enthusiast would, often needing a large well equipped garage to maintain the condition of vintage or modern sports cars. Instead, our love for these intricate mechanical timepieces has led us to seek out multi-watch travel cases, home display solutions, and occasionally for the adventurous – tools for disassembly and repair.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I consider the best watch accessory investments you can make to help with storage, travel, display, and maintenance of your cherished watch collection.

1. Watch Box for Travel and Home Storage

Triple watch box


Whether you have 1 watch or a vast multi watch collection, a travel case or watch box should be the very first accessory you purchase. The main reason for this is for simple care of your watch collection. When your watches are off the wrist it’s not a great idea to just have them lying around collecting dust or risking a fall from table height, and keeping them in the original boxes is not only cumbersome but also causes wear and tear of the box diminishing resale value.

Bosphorus watch box

This is where a single, double, triple or 10 watch box comes into play, with the size depending on the watch count in your collection of course. Dedicated watch collectors always recommend going with a transportable solution, something compact that can fit inside a bag, and something somewhat discreet that doesn’t call for unwanted attention. WATCHPOD(R) creates some of the best watch travel cases for Rolex and other luxury brands, they’re compact in size and fly under the radar when travelling. They also come in single, double, triple and a soon to be released six watch size variation.

Single watch case


The WATCHPOD(R) is also your most ideal choice if you’re planning on storing your watches inside a security safe at home. If you prefer to have your watches on display at home you may want to opt for a wooden watch box with a glass window. This style of storage box is more generic and are made by many watch accessories brands such as the well known WOLF 1834.

2. Spring Bar Tool

Spring bar plier tool


Sooner or later you’re going to need a spring bar tool, every watch enthusiast with a small or large collection will need one of these at some point. You may simply crave an aesthetic change from the stock bracelet to a fresh suede strap, or maybe one of your spring bars brakes and you need to install a new one. The task is simple enough to do on your own and switching up the strap or bracelet on your watch can breath new life into it, and sometimes make it feel like a brand new watch altogether.

There’s a large variety of spring bar tool choices out there, some are double pronged calipers that unginge the spring bar in one motion. The classic is the Bergeon single bar tool, it requires a touch more skill to get the job done but it still quite simple to manage. Whether using a double pronged or single prong tool alway remember to tape your watch to avoid any accidental scratches during the process.

3. Ultrafine Microfiber Cloth

Ultrafine microfiber cloth

This may come as no surprise, but a microfiber cloth is the most used accessory by any watch collector. It’s handy at home when used to polish your collection before placing in the storage cases, it’s also needed to clean your watch when out and about or travelling. Any ultrafine microfiber cloth will do, if you have a pair of eye glasses or sunglasses that came with a cloth you can use that one, just remember not to substitute a microfiber cloth with a rough cotton cloth or napkin that can leave behind micro-scratches on nearly all the surfaces of the watch.

Special Mentions

That about sums up our quick list of the most needed watch accessories. Fancy watch winders, valet trays, and leather display stands are nice luxury additions, but they aren’t as necessary as the accessories mentioned above. Once you have the necessary basics down then it will be time to venture into the world of luxury accessories for enjoyment.


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