This Supplement Is Safer & More Effective Than Melatonin, Says An MD

My first experience with sleep support+.

I first became curious about sleep support+ after doing some research on its main ingredient: including having a relaxing effect) and bisglycinate is a magnesium form of the highest quality. Plus, it’s a mineral that your body needs to function. I’m very careful with the supplements I take, and I gravitate toward ingredients that are natural and rigorously researched using the scientific method. (Again, I’m a doctor.)

I decided to give sleep support+ a try and added it to my existing bedtime routine–which also included a formula that contained herbs and melatonin. I was taking both products for a while, but then I read up on the potential <a href="" target="_blank" class="mbg-track-event" data-track-event-types="click" data-track-type="article-link" data-track-prop-element-id="in-body-link" data-track-prop-label="page_type

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