The Best Infrared Mats To Reduce Inflammation, Release Toxins & Boost Recovery


Jamey Powell

January 29, 2023

Contributing writer

By Jamey Powell

Contributing writer

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January 29, 2023

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People have reaped the Lana Butner, N.D, infrared saunas penetrate human tissue, cells, and organs more easily than conventional heat, prompting deeper detoxification at lower temperatures (115 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) than a non-infrared sauna (150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit).

Infrared mats have similar effects to those of an infrared sauna, without being fully enclosed in a space. “Due to the ability to withstand the lower temperatures of an infrared sauna, individuals can be exposed to this type of heat for longer periods of time, allowing for a more intense sweat and longer durations of detoxification time,” Butner says.

Below are a few benefits of infrared mats:

Infrared mats help you sweat out toxins: While reaching a lower temperature than a traditional sauna, infrared heat can help us <a href="" target="_blank" class="mbg-track-event" data-track-event-types="click" data-track-type="article-link" data-track-prop-element-id="in-body-link" data-track-prop-label="page_type

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