McLaren Rolls Out The Hybrid 2023 Artura Supercar

The mighty Mack has gone electric – but not completely.

McLaren’s first-ever series-production High-Performance Hybrid (HPH) supercar, on sale now, mates a twin-turbo 3.0L 6-cylinder engine with an electric motor. Total output of the 3,303-pound Artura is a blistering 671 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque.

Eventually, the company says, all McLarens will be gas-electric hybrids, or electrics-only. The cars will also have longer ranges – at the moment, the Artura delivers 11 miles on its motor, a mighty puny number. Part of the reason it’s not all-electric is the weight of a car battery, some of which weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds.

As time goes by and technology progresses and batteries get smaller and lighter, it’ll help engineers. Remember how big the first cellular phones were? How about external hard drives in the 90s which were as big as a small suitcase? Give it time.

2023 McLaren Artura


Keeping The Weight Down

That said – and we are venturing into OCD nerd territory here, so forgive me – this car’s weight reduction took on a scientific scrutiny and testing unique to McLaren. The reults were titled “The new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA)”. through the uniquely compact HPH powertrain system to the weight of cabling used in the electrical systems (where a 10% reduction was achieved), resulted in the Artura having a lightest dry weight of 3,075 lbs.

The total weight of hybrid components – which include an 194 lb battery pack and 34lb E-motor – is just 287lbs, helping to deliver a DIN curb weight of 3,303lbs that gives the super-lightweight Artura a significant weight advantage over both hybrid and non-hybrid supercars.

2023 McLaren Artura


Says McLaren:

“All-new from the ground up, the Artura presented McLaren engineers and designers with new opportunities to innovate, chief among these being how to preserve McLaren’s super-lightweight engineering philosophy when adding hybrid powertrain elements including an E-motor and battery pack.

…the all-new Artura is the distillation of every attribute inherent in a McLaren – distinctive design, unrivalled performance, dynamic excellence and engineering innovation – with electrification now bringing the additional benefits of even faster throttle response, lower emissions and being able to run in pure EV mode for emissions-free journeys of up to 11 miles.”

2023 McLaren Artura


Four powertrain modes

There are four modes: comfort, sport, track and EV, but the system is programmed to start in EV mode so there’s never a roar. Top speed in electric mode is 81 MPH, and an electronic locking rear differential comes standard. 0-60 is accomplished in about 3 seconds. That’s pure Mack right there.

2023 McLaren Altura


Here are some other essential facts you’ll want to know:

Price: $249,335

Drivetrain: Twin-turbo V6 engine

Output: 671 hp; 531 pound-feet of torque

Transmission: Eight-speed seamless-shift automatic

Battery: 7.4 kWh lithium ion

Charging time: 12.5 hours @ 240v; 31 minutes 10%-80% @ 200 kW

Efficiency: 39 mpge combined. 18 mpg combined, gasoline only. Premium gasoline.

Charging time: 3.5 hours @ 240v

Electric range: 11 miles, 330-mile combined range

EPA estimated annual fuel cost: $2,850 (gasoline+electric)

0-60 time: 3 seconds

Top speed: 205 mph

Wheelbase: 104 inches

Length: 179 inches

Width: 78 inches (mirrors folded), 75 inches without mirrors

Height: 47 inches

Cargo volume: 5.3 cubic feet

Curb weight: 3,303 pounds

Assembled in Woking, England

There’s more, much more. Check it out here. We look forward to getting behind this wheel in the near future, and telling you all about it.


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