I’m An Infrared Sauna Regular & This At-Home Tool Is Just As Good

I spent years debating whether or not to make the investment until I finally got my hands on a sample of the Sun Home Sauna’s blanket really helps me feel more relaxed. The entire experience is super calming, even though it elevates your heart rate slightly.

The effects also go beyond instant zen; I believe the blanket has been essential in helping with post-workout recovery. My flexibility has improved since incorporating the blanket into my movement routine, and I’ve noticed better circulation in my hands and feet.

While these experiences are anecdotal, science does back a few perks. Research has found that far-infrared light can be beneficial for <a href="https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18685882/" target="_blank" class="mbg-track-event" data-track-event-types="click" data-track-type="article-link" data-track-prop-element-id="in-body-link" data-track-prop-label="page_type

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