I Was 44 & Healthy When I Had A Heart Attack: What The Experience Taught Me

I was teaching a cycling class on a Wednesday morning when I suddenly noticed something was off in my body. It was like a switch had been flipped–about 20 minutes into the class, I felt an immediate pressure and tightness in my chest. I got off my bike, but I could still breathe and communicate–so I tried not to overthink it, and chalked it up to indigestion.

I never considered this uncomfortable feeling could be life-threatening.

My symptoms were a sign of something much worse.

After teaching my morning classes at blood sugar was low so I left the class to grab a snack. I barely made it a few steps into the hallway when I collapsed. I was shaking, freezing, and it was difficult to breathe. I couldn’t feel my body.

Fortunately, there were many people in the studio who saw what happened, and I was sent to the hospital immediately. Later, I learned I’d experienced a “<a href="https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/24507-widowmaker-heart-attack" target="_blank" class="mbg-track-event" data-track-event-types="click" data-track-type="article-link" data-track-prop-element-id="in-body-link" data-track-prop-label="page_type