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We love retro-modern concept designs here at The Coolector and few are more accomplished in this regard than An Improbable Future. If you’re equally enamoured with this talented artist’s creations, you’ll be pleased to hear you can buy them as prints and hang them around your home or office.

There is a distinct Fallout / Simon Stalenhag vibe to An Improbable Future’s creations and we’re loving the impactful nature of their prints here at The Coolector. With prices starting at just $20, these are great value for money and will make a great gift for any lover of hybrid modern concept designs.

An Improbable Future is an industrial designer living in New York who uses AI to create these stunning creations and he curates the best for your viewing pleasure. Heavily influenced by industrial design and modes of transportation, there is something both instantly recognisable yet strangely alien about the designs and they will add a touch of sci-fi to any home or office wall in 2023.

With loads of different prints to choose from and the pleasingly affordable price tag, we’re definitely looking to add a handful of these bonkers but brilliant prints to the walls of Coolector HQ and suggest you do the same if you like what you see.

It’s a fine showcase of the talents and potential of AI-generated artwork in our opinion and we’re loving the fact it has managed to create images that are familiar but just different enough to look as though they come from a different time or space.

Looking for some interesting, affordable artwork for your home in 2023, these high-quality creations from An Improbable Future definitely get our vote here at The Coolector. Striking, visually vibrant with a sci-fi vibe – what’s not to like?

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