12 of the Most Enduring Movie Debates Ever Lifehacker

Screenshot: Titanic/YouTbe (Fair Use)

Good movies keep us talking well after we’ve left the theater. Great movies keep us talking for decades. Sometimes an ambiguous ending or an unresolved plot mystery can seem lazy, or like a cheap trick. When done with care, they can engage us in ways no concrete resolution could.

Some of the most enduring questions in movie history may have actual answers if the films in question are analyzed thoroughly enough. Others are more purposefully ambiguous, with interpretations varying depending on what a given viewer brings with them to the film. In those cases, it’s not that we need to settle on one particular interpretation, more that we need to hold multiple possibilities in our heads at once. But when a movie is truly great, any number of interpretations will hold water, and offer their own ideas to chew on.

Here are 12 of the biggest possibly unanswerable movie debates ever. Be warned: Many of these entries deal with their films’ respective endings, and each contains significant spoilers.

Titanic Survival Results

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