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“Innovation happens elsewhere”… there are always more smart people outside a company than inside it. So the question is how to somehow harness the innovation that these other people are creating. Open source turns out to be an excellent way to do so.
- Bill Joy mentioned by Ron Goldman in Part Two of a Conversation With Sun Microsystems Laboratories’

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…because the guys behind it look far beyond a video upload site or network, marvellous as it may be. Charles is one of my favourite people who can hold his own against any politico or wanna-be censor.

Loren Feldman, the author of a controversial video, decided to use blip as his host. A few hours later we received a letter warning us of potential damage to our brand. I responded that speech should be countered with speech, not censorship. What do you think? Here’s the e-mail exchange.

And so the entire email exchange is published. Not only I find the arguments sound but this is transparency at its best. Instead of agonising about how various people perceive what does or does not do, why not make them privy to the issues that they are facing and by disclosing all, make them participate in those decisions.

Brilliant, Charles!

Surely you don’t think he would ever run out of new hosting services to try! Eventually, the pursuit would reach a tipping point by, for example, reaching the attention of digg or boing boing, and hundreds of thousands would swarm to search for the banned videos, eagerly downloading and saving copies of the contraband. Drudge could easily pick this story up, and Loren would be invited to do the rounds on right-wing talk radio, as a hero and martyr to the PC police. The case would be held up as a foreshadowing of the Reign of Terror predicted after a Democrat victory in 2008.

Contrast that with the profound impact of a deeply moving work of art. Loren’s video should inspire works which outlive it by decades, which look forward to the future instead of the past, which give us a glimpse of the glorious potential of humankind. Works which send shivers down the spine and trigger paradigm shifts, which children remember the rest of their adult lives.

I urge you to focus your energy on creating positive change in people’s hearts and dry up the market for Loren’s opinions. We have enough futile attempts at silencing foul speech, but we don’t have enough deep, inspiring, illuminating speech.

In Liberty and Reason,

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