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Social Networking License Agreement

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This is rather VRM. Why should I create profile after profile on others’ platforms when the real value is me and my connections? The ‘user’ rulez!

Dear Social Networking Site Developers,

It has come to my attention that there are simply too many of you.

I am already a member of the social networks most likely to fulfill your promises of having fun swapping “content” with my buddies, and catching up with old friends. Anything more at this point is simply busywork, and should be compensated accordingly.

As it stands, you benefit more from my joining your network than I do. After all, the very value of a social network is its population, is it not?

In exchange for this value I will be providing, I propose the following fee schedule:

Full text.

via the head lemur

Quote to remember

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“People come back to places that send them away.”

It’s the basic trust proposition of the Internet. People will only trust a service that gives them complete freedom to come and go as they please. Further, they’ll want to come back if you send them to cool places.

If you look back to all the booms, they’ve all had that quality of freedom for everyone to do whatever they want. It’s always that way with creativity. And you know the cycle is about to end when everything is controlled, when there are few outlets for creativity. When you wake up and sit down to work and don’t feel like doing anything. That’s when it’s time to start thinking about blowing something up.
- Dave Winer in Lock-in and the Web, day 2

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