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In 1996 I was released from Balliol College, Oxford into the community and served my time as a management consultant with a Big Five firm in Central Europe – ‘management’ and ‘consultancy’ meaning something to businesses in those parts of the world.

Broking and later financial portfolio modelling was another serious endeavour, meant to provide a challenge and intellectual stimulation. If you want to know what I think about that idea now and don’t mind me ranting, just ask.

Dipping her toes into the torrid waters of the financial industry, working in the City of London, one of the ‘largest’ financial centers in the world (whole square mile!), was another attempt at world domination.

All this came to an end in early 2002 when it became obvious that blogging is much more enjoyable than real work and has become more than the sum of its contributors, topping the list of blogs in Europe and developing almost an ‘institutional’ identity.

As a result of this experience, the Big Blog Company was born, blogging has become the main preoccupation and a route to regaining sanity lost somewhere on the fourth floor of a tall, marble-encrusted building in the City.

I have tried to apply my analytical (and any) powers I might have to the potential of blogging as communications tool, bringing companies round to understanding that markets are conversations and that open communication is the name of the game.

Occasionally I get accused of problem-solving.

6 Responses to “Who”

  1. Nick Bicanic
    on Feb 13th, 2010
    @ 7:31 am

    hey – just wanted to say thanks for tagging us as interesting in one of your links recently. amusingly my google alert didn’t pick up on it but Gary Gale’s blog post referenced it (I guess he follows you on twitter)

    My former life took me from college halls (in my case Corpus in Cambridge rather than Balliol) to the city of London and then eventually hawaii.

    But now it’s the life of a tech startup again

    Did you get a chance to try echoecho btw ?


  2. Jonathan
    on Apr 27th, 2010
    @ 16:41 pm

    Hi Adriana
    This might interest you.

  3. Jonathan
    on May 6th, 2010
    @ 9:16 am

    Access to Knowledge spanning all disciplines including most importantly science ?

    on Feb 7th, 2011
    @ 18:44 pm

    HI Adriana,

    your radarsign is cool !

    Do think we can use yit (e.g. on a CD) ? …

    or is there a copyright on it ?

    Kind regards


  5. TummelVision 88: Adriana Lukas on Heterarchy | Tummelvision
    on Dec 14th, 2011
    @ 4:03 am

    [...] Adriana Lukas (@adriana872) joins us to talk about her research on heterarchy and many other fascinating topics. [...]

  6. Chris Bidmead
    on Jan 6th, 2013
    @ 1:39 am

    Adriana, I’m a freelance IT journalist researching qs for a piece for The Register. I’d very much like to attend your next get-together. Any chance you could drop me an email?


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