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Daily links 08/29/2013

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Daily links 08/10/2013

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    • en as their asset. Not that they get and make much out of it, mind you. The idea that you and only you know the full context of your data and therefore can add value no one else can completely passes them by. The advantages of giving us our raw data and then treating us nicely so we share with them the fruits of our own analysis are immeasurable. Literally, as at the moment this is not possible. However, there’s hope as the Quantified Self movement consists of people who gather their own data and are not always constrained by it being locked in silos. I am afraid this is just a beginning of a battle and I don’t think anyone can predict its outcome.
       In this context, data literacy seems a rather utopian notion but one that makes it worthwhile for me do to as much as I can for the QS movement where people already have motivation to understand their data and ultimately themselves.

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