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Daily links 02/14/2012

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  • misunderstands the value of data as opposed to price for data. Also, direct market in personal data unlikely, currently personal data is an externality to some other transaction or exchange of value.

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    • Many of the new ideas center on a concept known as the personal data locker. People keep a single account with information about themselves. Businesses would pay for this data because it allows them to offer personalized products and advertising. And because people retain control over the data in their lockers, they can demand something of value in return. Maybe a discounted vacation, or a cash payment.
    • A challenge for the company will be whether it can offer enough money to persuade people to use the system. Consumer information is worth billions in aggregate, but individually, the bits of data are worth practically nothing. A study by JPMorgan Chase last year showed that a unique user was worth $4 to Facebook and $24 to Google. Others looked at Facebook’s recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and placed the value of a user as high as $120.

    • Instead, he says people will create data lockers and share their contents because they will receive compelling services by doing so. This idea has already been successful with, which has shown that people will share confidential financial information in exchange for money-management advice.
    • The final barrier is that people may find creating detailed databases about themselves too onerous to justify the potential rewards. In order to create a real market for data, enough people need to see an immediate, tangible benefit in filling up their lockers, said Mr. Green of Personal.

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