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Fuck the cloud – a reminder

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… worth making in these troubled times:

Insult, berate and make fun of any company that offers you something like a “sharing” site that makes you push stuff in that you can’t make copies out of or which you can’t export stuff out of. They will burble about technology issues. They are fucking lying. They might go off further about business models. They are fucking stupid. Make fun of these people, and their shitty little Cloud Cities running on low-grade cooking fat and dreams. They will die and they will take your stuff into the hole. Don’t let them.
Jason Scott of ASCII in Fuck the Cloud

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2 Responses to “Fuck the cloud – a reminder”

  1. Matthew Thompson Dalldorf
    on Sep 4th, 2013
    @ 0:26 am

    I like physical media myself; I like DVD extras, pictures and liner notes on the inside of CD cases and being able to read whole books instead of those “abridged” (meaning butchered) kindle versions. Sadly, we may not have an option seeing as how much of today’s technology is hellbent on taking everything good away from us (video stores, CD shops, book stores, etc…) and I’m sure it won’t be long until watching movies, reading book, listening to music, driving a car, drinking beer, taking a shit, jacking off, seeing the sun and absolutely everything else will have require the
    cooperation of the internet. What a great idea!

    What pisses me off is that I don’t want to stream movies and download music, I want to rent, buy and sell things. I want to explore the shelves of a video or book store, admiring cool cover art and reading enticing descriptions on the back. I DON’T want to type the name of an artist into Pandora only so it can give me names of OTHER artists that sound nothing like what I’m looking for. I want to actually be able to read a whole book and to be able to watch a movie without having to wait through an hour and a half of buffering for every three minutes of video and yes, I have decent connection so spare me that tiresome line about how I must still stuck with dial-up. Even the best internet connection works, pretty much whenever the fuck it wants to.

  2. Dave Walker
    on Dec 22nd, 2013
    @ 16:33 pm

    As exemplified by “Mine”, there’s nothing wrong with Cloud technologies – just with ownership and curation. Be sure to own the servers which host your data, and be sure that any other servers which process your data don’t get to maintain persistent state, and you’ll be fine :-) .

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