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VRM Hub 2010

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The coming VRM Hub evening will be the 2nd anniversary meeting. We are going to have a look at where VRM was two years ago, where it is now, and where we want to take it this year. As always, the discussion moves to the pub across the street after GfK NOP kicks us out.

Items for discussion:

  1. Monthly VRM Hub meetings this year

    Do we change the format? If so how? Creating ’speaker slots’ for each meeting and opening it up? How about letting different people organise each meeting, etc?

  2. An event or conference covering the topic interchangeably knowns as personal data, personal informatics, personal analytics, self-analytics, self-tracking etc

    Date: tba but ideally 1Q 2010 (though 2Q more realistic perhaps)
    Format: One day event, open space as well as some pre-determined speakers to make sure we meet those who are already active in this space (web apps etc)
    Venue: tba
    Supporters & sponsors: tbd

  3. Anything else that comes to mind…
  4. Pub

The sign-up page is here. We are meeting on Thursday 28 January 6-9pm, back at GfK NOP. Look forward to seeing you there.

VRM Hub London

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