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Sums it up really.

CRM, originally uploaded by Matthew Gidley.

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6 Responses to “CRM”

  1. Jonathan
    on Aug 14th, 2008
    @ 8:00 am

    Just offensive and only worthy of comment due to your post – exploitation and no it does not sum it up really

  2. Adriana
    on Aug 14th, 2008
    @ 8:12 am

    Jonathan, struggling to understand what you mean by your comment.

    Yes, the sign is offensive and that is why I have posted it here as an example of how companies treat their customers… and especially how we often feel companies treat us – whether they spell out this way or not.

    And it indeed sums up the reasons why VRM exists and why I am working on it so fervently. Really.

  3. Jonathan
    on Aug 15th, 2008
    @ 7:49 am

    Apologies Adriana the post was not a direct reflection on you, it was (something I try not to do ) an instant emotional response to something that is better ignored. Feel the same way when I read a car widow sticker informing me that I should f!!!! off or a tabloid sells copy by printing something offensive that was used by one shop in a million.
    Read your blog most days “respect”
    Please take no note of my initial comment

  4. Jim
    on Aug 15th, 2008
    @ 13:40 pm

    I’m trying to figure out if there’s a context where this kind of communication could ever be considered appropriate; for example, if the shop catered to a demographic that would largely be amused by and appreciate such .. er .. frankness. Do you know what kind of shop it was?

  5. Adriana
    on Aug 15th, 2008
    @ 20:47 pm

    Jim, yes, I know what you mean. I think it was just a matter of someone trying to be funny. And frankly, it kinda is, alas, it is also too close to the bone regarding the way companies treat their customers.

    Not sure what kind of shop – through the window you can see some posters/pictures?) – Alec found it somewhere and forwarded to me as a VRM kind of meme.

  6. alecm
    on Aug 17th, 2008
    @ 22:04 pm

    Wasn’t it down The Fountain (pub) where they would shout “We’ve had your money, now fuck off” at closing time?

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