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VRM echoes

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Post VRM workshop, conversations and meetings, there is much that I want to capture and blog later. For now, one thought kept going around my head, I twittered it but here it is for the record:

Why do we need 3rd parties? network is node2node, relationships are person2person. 3rd parties are hierarchy hangover.

Planning to do more on this and think about design principles for networked environment as many things we do online are still following mental models from centralised and non-network world.

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One Response to “VRM echoes”

  1. Radovan Semancik
    on Jul 16th, 2008
    @ 9:38 am

    There few tasks that needs to be done for 3rd parties:

    * Trust brokering
    * Discovery, rendezvous points, matchmaking, …

    The 3rd parties are needed for this at least until we find efficient distributed and decentralized algorithms for these tasks. Think about google search, that’s a typical 3rd party.

    But I think that use of 3rd party to channel interactions is a wrong architecture. I believe that was your point.

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