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I haz a Mine! Let me show you it…

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After many years of internet existence, scattering ‘digital detritus’ as I go, I am ready for tools that help me reclaim my online personae, help me piece together my fractured identity. And then allow me to drive it forward with all of the benefits that it can bring me and to those I interact and transact with.

In the last few months, I have been thinking about what would such tools do and look like. I knew that they have to be driven by me – adding value to me and allowing me to add value, flexible and modular.

The first hint was in the white paper was about the sharing mechanism, a feeds-based VRM. Using feeds to share and distribute data has always been predicated on the existence of something like the Mine! – a structural element that allows individuals to bring together data they would like to:

a) have in their ‘domain’
b) manipulate and learn from and
c) share with others as you see fit.

A haven for data, a playground and a spring board for further online existence. The foundation for individual being the platform and for creating an ‘asset’ to be used in further interactions, relationships and transactions.. Thinking through some of the details and implications has taken longer as the Mine! incorporates the feeds based sharing as described here.

The aim is to equip individuals with tools to take charge of their data (content, relationships, transactions, knowledge), arrange (analyse, manipulate, combine, mash-up) them according to their needs and preferences and share them on their own terms whilst connected and networked on the web.

The Mine! as VRM infrastructure.

Also in pdf (although I recommend the linked version that will be edited and revised and edit as I go along).

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6 Responses to “I haz a Mine! Let me show you it…”

  1. August
    on May 11th, 2008
    @ 21:01 pm

    Everyone has a grammar.

    And I mean a grammar, because once we get out of school we get to write however we please.
    There are similarities- tech writers, mommy bloggers, economists, etc…

    I know, it’s still a top-down sort of view, but it would be a bit different because, instead of trying to get at information we want to keep private, we could convince vendors to pay attention to what we publish freely.

  2. Leon Kuunders
    on May 12th, 2008
    @ 8:54 am

    Hello Adriana and thanks for sharing these most interesting thoughts.

    I noticed some striking similarities between “Mine!” and a framework I have been working with called iDNA. The latter is created by Paul Jansen *) and Pieter Wisse *).

    The iDNA framework starts with principle number one: “1. Information about the individual (legal) person is the property of that (legal) person.” Compare it to the “fundamental point” within Mine! that “users own their data.”

    Mine! then continues with talking about ways how data and functionality should be seperated, so data can be shared in a controllable fashion.
    The iDNA framework calls this “Delegation of usage rights” and names principles like “The person may grant other parties usage rights to their person information”, “A usage right may include that the other party keeps a register of – a duplicate of, irrespective of the medium – person information.” and “All granted usage rights become inextricably part of person information.”

    Perhaps, maybe, the principles of iDNA can be of help when further working on Mine!

    Regards, –Leon.

    The iDNA Manifesto is available at

    *) Paul Jansen

    *) Pieter Wisse

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    on May 12th, 2008
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  4. Bart Stevens
    on May 12th, 2008
    @ 19:59 pm


    Bravo … !


  5. Alice Bachini-Smith
    on May 12th, 2008
    @ 20:42 pm

    This is going to be the most amazing revolutionary and generally fantastic new thing on the web since blogging, and before that email. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it, honestly.

    (So sick of facebook, which I liked before, but now feels deadly and suffocating. You had it exactly right all along.)

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    on Aug 8th, 2008
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