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‘Scratch your VRM itch’ meeting

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This is an all day meeting on Tuesday April 15th, the theme is VRM and how it addresses (and hopefully redresses) the imbalance between individuals and their relationships with vendors, companies or institutions.

The agenda will be set by attendees starting from why VRM appeals to you, where you see it going and how. Bring your assumptions, understanding and ideas to the table where others can examine it, challenge it, improve it or help you take them further.

Technical issues can be discussed although for focus on specifics I find smaller gatherings, more productive (so watch this space for ‘hacker sessions‘ announcements). This meeting will be more about what VRM can do for you as well as what you can do for VRM.

I envisage working in groups or all together depending on the situation and have chosen the venue to fit that purpose. Limit is about 35 people as greater numbers (especially in one room) become unwieldy and hard to focus on specific issues.

Date and time:
Tuesday April 15th 2008, from about 9.30 to 5pm

Central London – October gallery near Holborn, in Club room with sofas, large table and chairs, wi-fi, flipchart, lunch and refreshments during coffee & tea breaks.

not more than £40 to cover cost for 35 people. As I am organising this as an individual, without any corporate backing, I will be able to go ahead with the event after 15 people sign up. This is to cover the fixed cost, any surplus will go towards the next VRM event of this kind. (Many thanks to Paul Doleman of iCrossing for offering to subsidise tickets to the tune of £10 each.)

Who this is for:
Been following VRM for a while, given it some thoughts, want to be part of it, wondered how to make it work, wondered where the money is, how to get businesses involved, how to build tools and applications, have it all worked out and want others to know, in short, have a VRM itch to scratch. :) .

Who this is not for:
Heard about VRM, interested or intrigued, would like to know more but haven’t really thought much about it. Join us at VRM Hub meetings where you can imbibe VRM with drinks and informal chat.

Sign up for “Scratch your VRM itch” meeting on the VRM Hub wiki.

For those interested, here is a VRM one-pager and a white paper on Feeds based VRM.

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