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Content is for container cargo business

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Doc Searls on content in 2005:

The word content connotes substance. It’s a material that can be made, shaped, bought, sold, shipped, stored and combined with other material. “Content” is less human than “information” and less technical than “data”, and more handy than either. Like “solution” or the blank tiles in Scrabble, you can use it anywhere, though it adds no other value.

And again in 2007:

Stop calling everything “content”. It’s a bullshit word that the dot-commers started using back in the ’90s as a wrapper for everything that could be digitized and put online. It’s handy, but it masks and insults the true natures* of writing, journalism, photography, and the rest of what we still, blessedly (if adjectivally) call “editorial”. Your job is journalism, not container cargo.

Content is media industry term. The number of people talking about content grows every day as they assume roles that before only media could perform. With more tools and ways of distributing, photos, videos, writings, cartoons etc. are being ‘liberated’ from the channel world. Alas, often sliding into the platform and silo world. As far as I am concerned there are only two platforms – the individual user and the web.

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4 Responses to “Content is for container cargo business”

  1. deb schultz
    on Jan 31st, 2008
    @ 19:25 pm

    This post is why we instantly bonded!! Brilliant..hugs

  2. Jay Deragon
    on Jan 31st, 2008
    @ 23:19 pm

    The “what” and “who” that moves the web forward are driven by thought leaders and influences from both the BIG and the small. Google’s OpenSocial is an example of the BIG pushing the “open” ball forward a notch, but not a leap. Doc Searls VRM Project is an example of one person, both BIG because of the depth and breadth of thinking and small because he is one person, setting in motion a path for the web to grow from a toddler to an adult. Doc’s vision and roadmap of the web can and will be fulfilled when the small unite in mind and spirit and influence the BIG to follow the vision.

    There are others like Doc who see the web as a tool for creating abundant markets worth trillions of dollars in new trade, the trade of a new economy. We choose to point to Doc Searls whereas The Cluetrain Manifesto laid the foundation of the track that would bring the web forward. Doc’s VRM Project is the fuel that accelerates the Cluetrain to a future that is open, enabling to individuals and empowering to institutions that understand the power of a system that is open with no borders and enables free trade driven by relationships that create transactions in the new economy, The Relationship Economy.

    Since this is the tenth anniversary of The Cluetrain Manifesto it is time for us to fuel this train and give it speed. If you agree then show your support by join in a conversation with us and Doc. A group on Linkedin has been set up as well as a group on Facebook. Lets celebrate and stoke the engine of the Cluetrain with conversational fuel that awakens the markets.

    What say you?

  3. Theo Papadakis
    on Feb 11th, 2008
    @ 11:23 am

    @Jay: What is the name of the Facebook and Linkedin groups?

  4. Beyond the hype « ‘Cross The Breeze
    on Jun 30th, 2008
    @ 7:11 am

    [...] already and also I have written about it before. Mitch Joel says content is everything, Doc Searls said right the opposite and I respect them both, still I’m with Mitch on this one. And this is not just an online thing [...]

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