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Terry Pratchett reading guide

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I am a big fan of Terry Pratchett. I often say that the best book on political philosophy I have ever read is his Night Watch. But as Cory Doctorow points out:

…how daunting it must be to be confronted with Pratchett’s 33 Discworld novels and try to figure out where to start. Part of the charm of these books is that they’re not written in any main sequence, but rather in several interrelated series that follow the lives of many different characters and subplots.

and provides a handy reading guide.

I usually recommend people begin with Interesting Times, or Guards! Guards! or Men at Arms. The main thing is to start. :)

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2 Responses to “Terry Pratchett reading guide”

  1. Kristy
    on Oct 1st, 2007
    @ 23:19 pm

    I’ve given out a lot of Hogfathers as Christmas presents. I also try Jingo and Small Gods. Making Money was good. I think I need to try again now that I’ve reread Going Postal. Which is a good starter for people with job issues.

  2. Al
    on Oct 3rd, 2007
    @ 21:11 pm

    I started with Mort and would recommend it to all. My favourite is Small Gods…

    Did not know you were a fan Adriana…

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