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The Largest Model of the Universe

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4 Responses to “The Largest Model of the Universe”

  1. Al Tepper
    on Sep 8th, 2007
    @ 20:28 pm

    Nice tribute to CS … nice video … nice tune

    Namaste mon ami


  2. Al Tepper
    on Sep 8th, 2007
    @ 20:35 pm

    by the way you might also like:

  3. alecm
    on Sep 9th, 2007
    @ 22:23 pm

    Following the theme of “you might also like”, it reminded me of the original “Powers of 10″ movie.

    …which is seems spawned an IMAX re-envisioning:

    …but hey, I’m an elder-geek. :-)

    I like the Floyd soundtrack on Adriana’s find, though. :-)

  4. alecm
    on Sep 9th, 2007
    @ 22:26 pm

    …irony of ironies, the YouTube site for the 1976 movie above, suggests there’s an even earlier black & white version.

    Somehow I find this apt… :-)

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