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Shirley of Knightsbridge

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OK, this is a silly day as you can see from my previous postings. Here is another item to the collection. Last night walking from Soho to Chelsea, I captured this beaut of a shop. It sells exclusive (read expensive) and horrifyingly tacky lingerie. It has to be seen to be believed

Shirley of Knightsbridge

The things that go through my mind every time I go past are: Who? Why? How? and Oh my God!

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2 Responses to “Shirley of Knightsbridge”

  1. Al Tepper
    on Jul 5th, 2007
    @ 11:37 am

    Hahaha / Shudder

  2. Jim Bursch
    on Jul 5th, 2007
    @ 15:58 pm

    I marvel at the small, obscure store fronts of businesses that I drive past (nobody walks in L.A.), thinking that I would never, ever have occasion to visit that shop, and wonder, who does?

    It seems like they are often void of people, which makes me wonder even more about how the heck to they pay the rent, let alone an employee to open the door, turn on the lights, and sit at the counter.

    I always suspect a storefront is just that, a front for some other, possibly nefarious business.

    My hat goes off to anyone who opens a small retail shop, because I have no idea how they do it.

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