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Swag bag bonanza

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This is marvellous – a chance to watch detailed reaction to contents of ‘goodie bags’ given out at conferences. The swag wonks can see what happens to their carefully selected, overpriced promotional tat. Or they could for something tells me that they wouldn’t necessarily know where to look for Rafe Needleman’s video. Not all of it is bad of course, a geek can make use of most things, but note the items that get a positive reaction. They are all useful or related to something he already knows or likes – storage drive, Jason Calacanis start-up Mahalo, YouTube tube socks etc. My particular favourite useless bit is the Sports Illustrated themed mp3 player, pre-loaded with some music (not clear what kind). I can just see a meeting room full of young virile PR executives thinking this is what counts for ‘cool’. Sigh.

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