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A corporate blogging method

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Corporate blogging is an oxymoron in my vocabulary. A company blog is no different from a website unless you have a person with sufficient
autonomy to give it his/her own voice. (There is always a possibility
for a group blog but they are better suited for a particular focus,
subject or a project.) Following that logic, give employees a chance to have voices of their own. In return, they will ‘lend’ them to the company. This is not a bad thing as most companies have lost theirs somewhere around marketing and communications departments.

Matt Moore offers an excellent set of recommendations how to grow a ‘blogosphere’ within a company. The two that I want to highlight are:

- Give them a list of things they absolutely cannot talk about. Try to
make it relatively short. You can’t make this list short? Then may be
you aren’t ready for this yet. If they want to check anything with you
then give them that option & respond quickly & decisively.

- Don’t treat them as another "channel" for messages – they are not a
ventriloquist’s dummy. But do treat them as conversational partners.

Ready the whole thing and save yourself money on a blogging consultant.

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