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Who’s building the barricades

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Most of what I write about has an underlying theme. I see the trends in business, communications, media, organisations etc. as a clash of individuals with systems and institutions.

A recent conversation on a mailing list for a project with some online worthies uncovered Chris Locke lurking in there when talking about some background reading. Some of what he said prompted me to search further. I found what I was looking for – his rant from 1995 that made him known as Rageboy. It describes the conflict I see in red hot glowing terms:

And I sit here and some of what I’m hearing is how to
work in the system. Well I say fuck the system — it’s dead it’s stupid
it’s non-responsive it’s counter productive it’s fucking socially evil
and if we put any more of our goddamn time into propping up these dead-
ass morons we deserve what we fucking get.

Just fuck ‘em and move on. I’m sitting around drawing a fat check off these people and it isn’t enough. I don’t want their money. These are deathly structures with no perceptible pulse except for once in a while you run into somebody lost in the fucking halls and maybe you start to talk about something real and then the guy with the fucking glad-hand comes around and tells you can’t do that, you can’t talk.

This is a huge goddamn breakthrough into who knows what and as we sit
here IBM is trying to figure out how to put it in a box and make it sit
up to beg for airholes and fucking cheese. We’re not going to work in
the system because THE SYSTEM DOES NOT WANT US.

From experience I believe that existing systems don’t give up
without resistance. The good news is that for the first time in history
the internet is a place where we can create viable alternatives without
having to blow up the existing ways. The internet has provided a
relatively undisturbed environment in which
people can play and build stuff that works – for them as well as
others. They don’t have to waste time undermining or dismantling an
already dysfunctional system to show how new ways could work. They can
experiment instead of having to ‘fight for the cause’. They can get on
with chatting, connecting, networking, squabbling, playing with ideas and technology that are now scaring the media and
businesses. Bypassing a system by building a better one elsewhere is proving to be far more powerful than
blowing it up. Doesn’t help the old system a bit but makes the rest of us nicer and happier people. :)  

In many ways, if this is a revolution, it is a revolution turned
upside down. For start it’s not those who want the change that are
building the barricades…

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