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Bubble, bubble, bubble

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This is another example of off-line type of thinking.

The reality is though that outside of our little insular world of blogs
and co-presence what we do has no importance. To your average neighbor
Justin is just some weird guy walking around with a camera attached to
his body, blogs are just another confusing computer term and the
cluetrain might just as well be the mid-afternoon commuter train in any
major metropolitan city.

The impact of the blogosphere and other online -spheres begins with the people who create them. The internet has changed the way those people can do things. Some have tapped right into it, some are yet to do so and some may never care. It is not about creating big organisations and processes to change the existing order. The internet is about ‘ends’ i.e. the users, distributed networks and distributed sovereignty.

The truth of the matter is that for the person worrying about making
next month’s rent or being able to pay their child’s doctor bill
without bankrupting themselves none of this has or ever will matter. If
anything the poli-sphere for all it’s partisanship and bloodied
knuckles is far more relevant to our daily lives than any post of
thoughtful consideration from the tech-sphere.

People have always worried about the mundane stuff and always will. But once their ability to take control over more of those activities increases, you won’t be able to put the genie back in the bottle. Innovation is real, change happens and individuals involved in it have nothing to lose by pushing at the boundaries.

It just seems to take bloody ages.

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