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Hydra of Web 2.0 adoption

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This is very relevant and nicely summed up. The stages vary for different company but as long as the end state is the same, let’s not be dogmatic about it. :)

  1. "We have wikis, internally"
  2. "We have blogs, internally"
  3. "We have employees who write blogs"
  4. "We have employees who write blogs, hosted upon a corporate blog server"
  5. "All our press releases are posted on the blogserver and have a RSS feed"
  6. "Several of our CxOs have got blogs"
  7. "The CEO has a blog and actually writes his own postings"
  8. "We have wikis, externally, and allow employees to modify them"
  9. "We have employees who read and comment upon blogs of their peers, partners and customers"
  10. "We assign our employees a significant percentage of time to write, read and comment on blogs"
  11. "We have wikis, externally, and allow anyone to modify them"
  12. "We stopped writing press releases, and started communicating with people instead"
  13. "We wash our corporate laundry in public on the blogserver"
  14. "We disabled AJAX hyperlink popups,
    realising they are evil"
  15. "We fired our public relations and marketing staff, realising they are no longer relevant"

The stages above operate against the backdrop of Parallel reinvention and management argumentation:

  1. we don’t need this
  2. who’ll pay for it
  3. here’s our solution we bought it and people will use it irrespective that it sucks
  4. oh to hell with it let them do what they want
  5. management adoption of the field’s preferred tool

And the whole things should be capped with words of Doc Searls

I don’t use the term "Web 2.0" either. When asked a
long time ago to define what it meant to me, I said it’s the name we’ll
give to the next crash.

The human need to increase what we know, and to
help each other do the same, is what the Net at its best is all about.
Yeah, it’s about other things. But it needs to be respected as an
accessory to our humanity. And terms like "social media", forgive me,
don’t do that. (At least not for me.)

It don’t do that for me either.

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