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Good manners will get your far… or calm, patient and good humored still works

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A bad joke warning: 

Q: What do Hilary Clinton’s singing and PR have in common?

A: They both sound off-key online…

When a recording of Hilary Clinton’s signing the national anthem appeared on YouTube and linked to by Drudge report, her advisers did nothing. No national media picked it up and the ’storm’ seemed to be contained in a teacup.

This incident might spur some PR people disturbed by their inability to control distribution of information online to proclaim: you see it’s just like in the real world. If you ignore it, it just might go away.

I believe that ‘doing nothing’ is not an option. Or let me put it clearer. On the internet you are not an institution. If you want to be and behave like one, you get isolated and bypassed. So a media/communications/PR strategy makes little sense. It’s back to communication between human beings, communities and sometimes mobs. The rules of social interactions apply – if people challenge you on something you have done or said and you don’t respond, expect a commensurate impact on your reputation or credibility. If people make fun of you or try to embarrass you, the choice is to remain silent in hope of appearing dignified or to shoot back, with indignation or with humour. It depends. Different responses will be appropriate at different times and different circumstances. That is why etiquette is so complicated. Media and communications strategies don’t even come close. The main difference is that you don’t need to be ‘trained’ for online communication, it’s the one that you already know. And whether you are good at it or not has nothing to do with communication skillz but with respect for others and some good manners.

The good news is that people are becoming a lot more discerning about information too. In an
age of control over information, anything that looked like leak or under the radar information was interesting for that reason. As things get more transparent and easily distributed, not everything appears equally
interesting or potentially damaging.

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