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  • Author: Adriana
  • Published: Nov 28th, 2006
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Freedom, equality.. and ceramic beavers

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One of my favourite bloggers, Harry Hutton, in honour of the deceased Milton Friedman’s puts a most intriguing question to his readership:

Should we let the invisible hand caress our organ of government, as Friedman argued, or should we reintroduce the Golden Age of Steam? What do you think?

This poll elicited the following comment. I am compelled to reproduce it here for my readership’s enjoyment.

You can’t just re-introduce The Golden Age of Steam, old sod. Never work.

First you must re-introduce The Ice Age of Steam; then The Stone Age of Steam; then The Bronze Age of Steam; then The Iron Age of Steam; then The Zinc Age of Steam; then The Tin-with-a-Smattering-of-Aluminium Age of Steam; then the Atomic Age of Steam and finally The Golden (or Viagra) Age of Steam.

Then your wandering hand will at last have a firm throttle to grasp, to release the pulsing jets of steam into the well-oiled cylinder of capitalism, driving the massive engine of commerce down the righteous track of freedom, equality, import tarifs, eBay, and ceramic beavers.

Such erudition and mastery of language are rarely found these days in the empty wind-swept corridors of offline writings. What do you think?

Why I don’t like companies that do everything by committee (and call it ‘teamwork’)…

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Waiting for the Sun to Rise

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Better go and wash my mouth with soap….

Beating jetlag

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Today I returned from my regular trip to the US. Having landed at Heathrow in the morning, a good friend of mine thought that a lunch at Le Caprice was as good a method as any to beat the jetlag. A very good friend indeed.

Lunch after landing

To us Le Caprice means the best steak tartare in London. I avoided the food on the plane and my stomach didn’t object to such culinary escapades so soon after disembarking. The lunch was fabulous and I am pleased to report that the steak tartare was as delicious as ever. Dahling.

Place for ‘ladies who lunch’

Quote to remember

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No amount of attention to the walls will prevent the Citadel from being empty.

- Alan Kirman, quoted in Baroque fantasies of a peculiar science.

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