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L’Esprit Lafite or Lafite iz well fit

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Tis time for another post about wine and more tales of luxury and excess. This time in New York City, another visit to the Yale Club – Château Lafite Wine Dinner:

Explore the links between Bordeaux and the new world. Discover the spirit of Château Lafite encapsulated in unique grapes. Meet Martin Sinkoff, recognized expert on the wines of Bordeaux, and learn about the Rothschild family—their history and their excellent wine. Purchased by the Rothschild family in 1868, Château Lafite was then and remains one of the greatest wine estates in the world.


The food and company were excellent. I found out that my right hand dinner companion, a NYC attorney, spent a year at my old college in his youth. It was years ago, before the college accepted women, but the continuity was there as despite the time gap we manage to share the same tutor. Small world indeed. The wines were carefully selected and paired with food to an exquisite effect.

The first course (Seared Red Mullet with Manila Clams Chervil and Chive Clam Broth) was paired with Rothschild Reserve Bordeaux Blanc 2005 – the house wine at the Château itself. The second course (Grilled Rack of Lamb Chanterelle Mushroom, Chive, and Corn Ragout Whipped Butternut Squash and Potato) was paired with two wines of different origin for contrast, Quinta do Carmo Reserva 2002 from Altentejo in Portugal and Château d’Aussieres 2003 from Languedoc. The guests were asked about their preference and I must say I chose the Portuguese wine, despite finding myself firmly in the old style wine camp. The wine blurb notes that the methods of cultivation keep to the old techniques. Grape was mainly Temporanillo, with Cabernet Sauvignon and some local grape varieties.

The third course was Manchego and Gruyere Cheeses with sliced French bread, which is when I knew a connoseur put together this menu – Manchego is one of my favourite cheeses. It was paired with Bodegas Caro Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec 2002 from Mendoza in Argentina (an excellent and safe area for good wine) and Le Dix de Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 from Colchagua in Chile. I believe I preferred the Chilean wine. Dessert was individual Baked Apple Pie paired with sweet but not cloying Château de Cosse 2001, Sauternes.

All in all, an extremely civilised evening.

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  1. James Thomson
    on Nov 14th, 2006
    @ 23:33 pm


    linked in via Hugh’s site – re wine and the social media effects – I see (a) new companies with real social DNA ie

    social production model (even thought their business is almost without any real company blog) see video at

    and then (b) opening up existing wine co’s with social marketing like Stormhoek which I believe is a shorter term, bandwagon thing. I think the (b) companies cannot in the end compete with the (a) companies

    Don’t know if this helps any of your pitches over at


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