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The eyes have it

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This morning I was on SkyNews on the Saturday live programme debating blogging. It was one of those discussions the media in the UK has started to have, as in… these bloggers are not going away, so let’s make them sound a bit ridiculous and question whatever it is they do. Yawn.

I was in the studio with Bobbie Johnson, a blogger and technology correspondent of the Guardian, and Ian Dale, a former Conservative party candidate, political commentator and.. wait for it.. a blogger. We had fifteen minutes to argue with the presenter about what is a blog, are they any good, shouldn’t blogs be like journalism, what is the bloggers’ responsibility, is it good or bad that they are undermining and stretching the current rules and frameworks etc. So three years ago, dahling…

The questions were extremely basic and there was no time really to answer anything other than try to get a sound-bite in. Perhaps that is why I couldn’t take the whole thing too seriously. Both Bobbie and Ian were good and made the experience rather enjoyable..

The best thing about this morning was an excellent tip from the studio make-up person – she recommended a smudge-proof eyeliner that will do what I want from it, i.e. stay put and make my eyes look smokey. For those interested it is MAC fluidline eye-liner gel. Perhaps the traditional media has something going for it…

And here is a gratuitous pictures of me, with the make-up on. And yes, it was rather sunny today.


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12 Responses to “The eyes have it”

  1. Charlie Whitaker
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 19:43 pm

    Vain, vain, vain, vain, vain, vain, vain. No, not asking for your phone number.

  2. Gary Short
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 20:36 pm

    Oooooo, you’re gooooooorgeous!!!!! :)

  3. Adriana
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 20:37 pm

    Hm, and someone obviously has too much free time to spend reading and commenting on blogs of someone as vain as me! Strange.

  4. Adriana
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 20:39 pm

    Heh, and you, sir, are certainly not. This is such good fun!

  5. Charlie Whitaker
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 21:02 pm

    Reading doesn’t come into it – the time is more than adequately filled just assimilating the many, many photographs of the author.

    If this is what the blog is like, what’s the house like? Silver framed portraits on the piano. Of Adriana. No, a bust, in marble. Of Adriana. Bansky graffiti stencils on the garden wall. Name mowed into the lawn. Visages in topiary …

  6. Adriana
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 21:10 pm

    Gets better and better. A nasty commenter on my blog! I have arrived. Sir, you give me more attention than I pay myself!

    So why do you bother looking? And commenting even. Move on, nothing to see here…


  7. Charlie Whitaker
    on Apr 23rd, 2006
    @ 22:52 pm

    Aw, don’t take it so hard. You did stick a _huge_ picture of yourself on Samizdata (which is how I got here). Brave, but perhaps a bit reckless, no? Anyway, you can’t not expect a reaction.

    But as a thought experiment, imagine if I, happening to be a male blogger, stuck a big photo of myself on my blog. And lots of women left comments along the lines of ‘ooh, you’re gorgeous’. And I said: ‘and you’re not – fuck off’. I’d be an arsehole, right?

  8. David Tebbutt
    on Apr 24th, 2006
    @ 7:18 am

    There’s no smokey without firey eh?

  9. Zimon
    on Apr 24th, 2006
    @ 18:33 pm

    I demand a


  10. Lusiphur
    on Apr 24th, 2006
    @ 20:51 pm

    Well to be fair she did say it was gratuitous….

    *Not getting in the middle of this .. nuh uh*

  11. Hagbard Celine
    on Apr 25th, 2006
    @ 1:26 am

    Intellectuals by Paul Johnson – a shallow attempt to discredit left-wing philosophers and thinkers by a devoutly religious, allegedly adulterous far right hack?

    Come on. You can’t criticise Shelley for moral indiscretions, he never claimed to be Jesus, he just saw the beauty in the world.

    Speaking of which, you are gorgeous.

  12. Adriana
    on Apr 30th, 2006
    @ 12:44 pm

    Hagbard Celine: Don’t see what’s shallow about doing exactly what Paul Johnson does with Intellectuals. The fact they are left-wing and reverred by certain types of people despicable to me (read statists, communists, socialists and other garden varieties of collectivists) is the point of the book. In any case, the left-right wing distinction is irrelevant. Shelly may have been the archetypal poet but the fact he was a bastard to the people around him is relevant as some would like to take his ideals much further than he himself might have intented to.

    Thanks for the compliment. :)

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