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Different politics

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Yesterday was a long day. A piece in the Guardian about political blogging and the elusive power thereof that mentions and my own reminenscing about the days when political power was anything but elusive.

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2 Responses to “Different politics”

  1. Andy
    on Nov 18th, 2005
    @ 10:14 am

    Morning Adriana,

    Interesting reading your entry. To be honest I know very little about the events but I know my ex never really looked back on the events with real fondness…

    She was pretty young at the time (10/11) but the events pretty much ripped her familys beliefs apart(church leaders closely aligned to the old regime)

    I think like a sizeable minority her father was never has been able fully accept the change

    Hmmm, I should really read up more on it actually as it’s an interesting time…

  2. Andy
    on Nov 18th, 2005
    @ 11:08 am

    On a lighter note… I once took my ex to Liverpool for the day (romantic I know!) and wandering past some god awful architectural disaster of a 60’s tower block ask in all seriousness “were the communists here also?”

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