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New Media Days with Danish media

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That’s done. Interesting event, switched on people, decent food and a couple of unexpectedly intense conversations. The hotel I was staying, hotel Fox, is one of those achingly trendy ultra modern design places (link later as I am moblogging this). But it had free wifi in the lobby/bar and high speed LAN in the room. Joy.

  • Author: Adriana
  • Published: Oct 26th, 2005
  • Category: Travel
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Wonderful Copenhagen

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Just arrived and first thing that strikes me is this welcoming neon sign. It tell me Copenhagen is wonderful. It is a promotional cliche tn attache all the attributes that marketers want people to think. It is dawning on some that it’s not only cheesy but serves no purpose. If you are the best, most wonderful etc you don’t need to spell it out. Have you ever noticed signs like this in New York or London…?

Time to choose

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Just got two bottles of Stormhoek wine, red (shiraz) and white (savignon blanc). Although I am definitely a red wine person, I find Stormhoek wine very drinkable and it has become my ‘house white’. It is in interesting company as the other whites I like are gewürtztraminer, tokaj and anything my friend Julian brings to dinner.

Quote to remember

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For a first-time author, Marco said, having people read parts of her book online and decide not to buy it isn’t the worst thing that could happen. The more disturbing scenario is for no one to read it at all. "The idea of obscurity being an author’s worst enemy is absolutely true."

- Wired article on Google Print Library Project.

Arctic Monkeys give PR cold shoulder

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David Sinclair reports in The Times:

A reluctant rock band leapt straight to the top of the charts yesterday, propelled to unexpected stardom by a DIY marketing campaign on the internet.

To music promoters they are the proof of two troubling new phenomena — acts successfully promoting themselves to the big time via a website and fans swapping their songs on internet forums.

This morning music PRs were adjusting themselves to a brave new world where emerging bands can market their product successfully before choosing a record label.

Imagine how famous they would be if they had a blog as well! :-)

Quote to remember

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Coffee was only a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your slightly older self.

- Terry Pratchett describing tired Vimes, the Commander of Ankh-Morpork Watch, Thud!

Don’t ask…

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…just something that makes too much sense, lately.

I don’t believe in trouble
I don’t believe in pain
I don’t believe there’s nothing left
but running here again

I don’t believe in silence
cos silence seems so slow
I don’t believe in energy
the tension is too low

I don’t believe reality would be
the way it should
But I believe in fantasy
the future’s understood.

London Girl Geek Dinner

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Improbulus has a great round up of another Geek Dinner that took place on 11th October. There are pictures and descriptions of people that she met that evening. I hope there will be more of these events, in fact, the next one should be in January.

Fermenting juicy goodness

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Talking about wine…a rather sinister looking shot of what happens to it before it goes into more familiar shaped bottles. Fortunately, wine is not like sausages and knowing what goes into it is worth blogging…


Looks delicious to me…

Quote to remember

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As much pleasure as possessions afford, they have a price. They demand our time and our thought. Possessions can occupy the better part of our intellectual lives. First comes wanting, then acquiring, then appreciating, then maintaining. The man who rents does not worry as much as the man who owns, a fatal defect in socialist thought.

- Strother, Mondaugen’s Law

Stormhoek red

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Very drinkable! Tasted at the 2nd London Girl Geek Dinner at Texas Embassy. Thanks to Jason, Hugh and Sarah.


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Speaking at a STEMPRA (The Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine Public Relations Association) event in Dana Centre.

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