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Quick and delicious

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Pacific lime chicken

Last week I made a quick dinner to be ready when Jackie and I come back from a day at the OM 2005 conference, tired and hungry. I prepared it the night before, shoved it into the oven and 25 minutes later we had a dish that made people go ooh and aah. It was only the second time I made this and I must say it was delicious. I shall leave it to Jackie and others to confirm or deny the statement. For those who believe without such evidence, here’s the recipe:

5 tbsp runny honey
5 tbsp dark soy sauce
juice of 4 limes
3 tbsp soft brown sugar
3 garlic cloves, crushed
5 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves
black pepper
8 chicken thighs, skin on
(serves 4)

Mix everything apart from the chicken together. Marinade for as long as you can (ideally overnight). Take chicken out of the marinade, put in a small roasting-tin and roast in an oven preheated to 190C/375F for 25 minutes, basting it occassionally with the leftover marinade. The finished dish should be sticky and glossy. Serve with rice and greens.

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4 Responses to “Quick and delicious”

  1. D
    on Jun 11th, 2005
    @ 16:55 pm

    Yum yum. Can’t wait for an invite.

  2. Jackie Danicki
    on Jun 11th, 2005
    @ 19:24 pm

    Oh my gosh, this was so freaking delicious. Seriously. I came home the next day and was raving about it, so I’m sure will be making it here soon. Next time, I’m bringing along my own loaf of campagne to soak up any marinade the rice doesn’t get!

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    on Jun 12th, 2005
    @ 6:21 am

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