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Souvlaki bar

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Thu 31/03/2005 15:19 31032005

With James and Johnnie

Water in Holland Park

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  • waterfall in Kyoto Garden
  • fountain near the rose garden
  • detail of the fountain
  • Chasing wabbits

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    Easter bunnies

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    Sat 26/03/2005 22:56 26032005(004)
    Sat 26/03/2005 22:56 26032005(004)

    Drinking holy water… Ok it’s G&T.

    A modern tale

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    14:44  18 March 2005<br /><br />

    The princess is probably in the Ghurkin, not in the Tower.

    The end.

    Spires of the City

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    I had a lunch today in the City, well, a bit outside it really and thanks to the weather the vistas were even more amazing than normally…

    14:46  18 March 2005

    This what I saw from my table. Beautiful!


    And this.


    The food was exquisite, the best venison I had for a long time…

    Dinner in Chelsea

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    This is before a large wheel of Roquefort was served…

    And this is when the cheese was on the table…


    This helped to raised the spirits too – what is known in Australia as Sparkling Burgundy.


    Praise the Lawrd!

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    Mon 14/03/2005 19:08 14032005(003)
    Mon 14/03/2005 19:08 14032005(003)

    Brian has got religion…

    Lifeblog post

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    Mon 14/03/2005 19:06 14032005
    Mon 14/03/2005 19:06 14032005

    Michael looking happy.

    What’s in the picture?

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    Guess what this is…


    It’s the top of this…


    Now you know.

    Hair today, gone tomorrow

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    Ten days old and the hair is out of control already. Life sucks, pass me that hair gel…

    • Author: Adriana
    • Published: Mar 11th, 2005
    • Category: People
    • Comments: 1

    Skyping away

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    Fri 11/03/2005 00:04 11032005(006)

    Can you hear me LA? London Calling… it’s bloody late here, you know.

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